Meet the MultiColours

MultiColours is a fantastic concept which gives you a great display of colourful flowers all season long with no fuss or effort!

Our experts have combined three different plants into one pot for you to use as ‚one plant‘ in your hanging baskets, window boxes, troughs and patio containers. Our carefully selected range means you will have stylish displays of complementary colours. All you have to do is decide which combinations you like best, take them home and plant for a gorgeous rainbow of colour.​

Why would you choose Multicolours?​

  • Enjoy abundant flowering all season long​
  • Easy to care for​
  • Great for patio containers, hanging basket or planting in borders ​

Wherever you use them, MultiColours will make a big impression.​

Meet the MultiColours


Care MultiColours

Your MultiColours have been expertly grown and cared for before you take them home, so they have had the very best start. It saves you the care and bother of looking after them through the first, critical stages of their development. All you need to do is plant and enjoy!​

MultiColours will reward you with a fantastic display all season long with just the minimum of care and attention. When you get the plants home, put them into your chosen containers of fresh, good quality potting compost. Do not fill containers full of compost, but leave a gap of about 3cm (1in) at the top to allow for watering. If the containers are full to the top, the water will just run off the compost and not reach the plants‘ roots.​

Plant them firmly and water well immediately after planting. Always use containers with drainage holes or roots will become waterlogged and the plants will die. ​

They do best in a position in full sun or light shade in a spot which is reasonably sheltered and not exposed to strong winds.​

Colour Blends

Consumer Favourites
The cheerful Campanula Spring Bell can be placed both indoors and outdoors. As soon as the plant has finished flowering inside, it can be planted out in the garden. This beauty will then bloom again and provide a fabulous sea of flowers.

Here are the top 3 from the consumer survey which was held during Flower Trails and at a garden centre in the Netherlands. With more than 500 respondents from over 16 countries were asked for their top 3.

We hope this helps you in picking the right MultiColours assortment.


Callie Summertime Mix

Callie Pink with Red Eye
Callie Rose with Eye
Callie Deep Blue


Shades of Pink Mix

FPSelect Whispers Rose Star
Lanai Vintage Vodka
Cabana Jumbo Pink


Spring Breeze Mix

Sanguna Patio Pink Morn
Lanai White
Techno Up Dark Blue

Other consumer favourites

Effortless Beauty Mix​

Verbena Hybrida Magelana Red Star​
Lobelia erinus Techno Up White​
Petunia Hybrida Sanguna Patio Red​

Calliope Amour Mix​

Pelargonium interspecific Calliope Dark Red​
Scaevola aemula Whirlwind Earky Compact White​

Sanguna Punk Rock Mix​

Petunia Hybrida Sanguna Cobalt Blue​
Petunia Hybrida Sanguna White Vein​
Petunia Hybrida Sanguna Lipstick​

Sanguna Salut Mix​

Petunia Hybrida Sanguna RedImp.​
Petunia Hybrida Sanguna White Vein​
Petunia Hybrida Sanguna Cobalt Blue​

Night in Pompeii mix​

Verbena Hybrida Lanai Bright Pink​
Petunia Hybrida Sanguna Purple imp.​
Lobelia erinus Techno Heat Trailing Dark Blue​

Rock ‘n’ Roll Mix​

Verbena Hybrida Lanai Bright Pink​
Petunia Hybrida Sanguna White Vein​
Lobelia erinus Techno Heat Trailing Dark Blue​

Syngenta Flowers doesn’t offer only Multicolours in their Annual range but also within their Biennnials and Pot Plant ranges. Tested combinations of our best viola cornuta’s, Mini and Midi-Cyclamen and Chrysanthemum enable you to get an exciting assortment all year round​

Meet the MultiColours


Where can I plant my MultiColours?​
They are perfect for containers of all shapes and sizes, and will do best in a position in full sun or light shade. ​

Can they be planted direct into the garden?​
They can if you wish, but the surest and most colourful displays will be seen in containers. ​

How long will MultiColour Flower?​
They will produce plenty of blooms for many weeks through the season, especially if you ‚dead-head‘ or remove spent flowers, as this will encourage more to appear. ​

How often should I water? ​
Plants growing in containers, especially in hanging baskets, dry out more quickly than those growing in the ground, so daily watering is important in the summer and in any periods of dry weather. In summer, plants in some containers, such as hanging baskets, may need watering two or three times a day. ​

How tall do MultiColours grow?​
It varies depending on the plant type, but most are low growing or cascading, so usually they do not grow more than 25cm (10in). Their neat, compact habit keeps them easy to care for. ​Any other tips for success?​

Any other tips for success?
Regular feeding with a good quality liquid plant feed will ensure the plants receive the nutrients they need to stay healthy and to bloom for as long as possible. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using plant feeds. Garden centres and many other retailers usually stock a good range. ​


If you have any other questions or want to know more about MultiColours, please contact Syngenta, propagator of MultiColours. ​

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